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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year to my friends and family! Today we start the year 4713 and 14 days of celebration of Food, Fun and Fireworks. Wishing everyone a year of healthy, wealthy and lucky new year! Today I'm giving a lecture about the new year and shall have lots of fun. Giving Lilly On-Ling her Red Envelope of lucky money today too, just like my parents did for me


Happy Yum Yum Day!

Happy Paczki Day!
(happy fat tuesday too)

Don't forget some of these...

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I've already been eating my fill, Just too good not too.

RSD is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

LINK: http://princessinthetower.org/a-letter-to-those-who-do-not-have-crpsrsd/

I found this extremely interesting to read.
My husband has CRPS along with Peripheral Neuropathy, Distal Neuropathy and Small Fiber Neuropathy. It is from his severe grade II ankle sprain with ligament tear that caused it that never healed properly.

Everything this woman wrote is exactly how my husband copes with his everyday.

He is on no pain meds. None of the pain med treatments works. The pain management doctor we went to does not believe in Narcotics. Since regular medication did not work the only option was a SCS.

So he deals with the nerve diseases and the chronic everyday migraines without medication. In many ways it tells his body when it needs to take it easy,
or he should just rest. When it's a bad day. The triggers of what causes
specific pain in his body. The other side is that he won't have any longterm issues with his liver or kidney's.

I encourage you to read the entire letter. It is worth you time.

This is my favorite part of the letter:

Maybe the person sitting next to you at dinner touches your RSD arm, or your foot gets accidentally kicked at the pew at Church, or your leg gets bumped into at school; all these things seem harmless to the average person and they may not understand how they could ever cause pain to an RSD patient, but trust me, they can and do.

Some people can even have a light breeze cause them excrutiating pain. I know what you are thinking, “that is crazy”. No. That is RSD. If you think it’s crazy, and I am telling you from a knowledge background, think how a patient who knows nothing about the disease feels when they start forgetting things, especially when their pain is high?

Or when the slightest touch, even the caress of a loved one, the kiss from a spouse, the touch of the sheet on the foot, the tightness of a sock, sometimes even the very breeze itself blowing over the body, can cause such pain to the patient it will bring tears to their eyes. Think of the confusion and terror that brings into their lives.

And when their friend and loved ones sit there, make fun of them and disbelieve them when they try to explain how it causes pain, well, that hurts them even more. When a disconnected Doctor doesn’t believe you that is bad enough but when a loved one doesn’t believe you it hurts almost as much as the pain. And let me set the record straight here on the pain, there is no pain like the pain of RSD/CRPS.

That isn’t just from a patient or an advocate, it is documented. RSD pain is ranked higher than any other form of chronic pain known today. RSD is ranked on the McGill Pain Index as the MOST PAINFUL FORM OF CHRONIC PAIN THAT EXISTS TODAY!


December the First

december 1st = day without art

december 1st = world aids day

means you are allowed to be naked for a day.

december 2nd you put your clothes back on.

in memory of chuck

Lilly On-Ling at Twenty-Four Months

On July 23rd our little girl turned two at 5:38pm.
Can't believe I went into the hospital to be induced
and the next night she came into this world.
So much has happened and changed since then.

She is precious as can be and growing like
a weed. She is also like a sponge.

Lilly On-Ling has her own routine.
And her own ways.
She like her PBS shows during the day,
her playtime included in the morning.
Sprout at the end of the day.
She spends at least 2 hours of learning through
out the day. We don't push her to learn,
she does it on her own.

Since before the two year mark, she knows
all 26 letters of the alphabet. Her shapes
and colors. Knows who all the engine characters
are from Thomas the Train and also the Cars
characters. She may not 'sing' or 'say' the
alphabet but she knows the sounds of all
the letters.

I guess introducing her to "Super Why"
at 9 months helped. And she loves "Peg + Cat"
so I guess math isn't too far along.

She is currently concentrating on logic
and analytical solving, numbers and sentence

She is literally HOOKED ON PHONICS.
Seriously. I downloaded the $50 app and she can't
get enough of it. Now she loves her Mr. Pencil
to start writing.

And when you call her a 'Smarty Pants' She will
look down her pants.

If you call her 'Cute as a Button' she will show
you her bellybutton.

On her birthday we went to the Mars Cheese Castle.
It was a good time. She loves cheese. Had lunch there
and bought Cheese bread, elephant ear and a turtle kringle.

Then we took a tour of the Jelly Belly factory. She loved
being on the train. Her attention to everything was
adorable. She didn't get scared or act out. She even
kept her hat on.

Then we headed home and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

She does have her moments as a terrible two but I think
she is just so aware of things. Once she figure it out
its on to the next thing. She figures things out quickly.
So if we don't keep her stimulated she does get cranky.

However, we work around all that as much as we can as well.

We went on a three day camping trip to Fremont, WI and rented
a cabin. It was beautiful and fun. We explored Waupaca
and Appleton. Next time we go up there will be for the Air
Museum in Oshkosh. So she has gone on two vacations and
tolerated a lot of driving.

But the memories are the best thing we are creating.
And in her two years that have been many wonderful ones.
And we will continue to make them as the days, weeks,
months and years go by.

Happy Two Year our little Peaceful Beautiful Lotus...
and many many more!


2014-07-23 21.02.29

2014-07-23 14.39.00

2014-07-23 14.24.19

2014-07-23 13.33.08


Although I haven't been writing the countdown here, I've
been tweeting it and forwarding it on facebook. But no matter
what, I wouldn't have forgotten anyways! So surprise,
TODAY it arrived!

I was thinking about last year when I had Lilly On-Ling,
I ate Watermelon which DID NOT spike my blood sugar. But
what was funny, I ate more Cucumber's than watermelon
during that time. So I'm a watermelon baby and I guess
she's a cucumber baby. Same family of fruit no matter!

It's been an extremely difficult and tough few weeks for me.
Since 1998, it has always been. This year has been the
toughest. I didn't think it would have hit me soo hard
not having my father with us. Yet it has. I thought I would
have gotten through it much easier knowing I have Eric
& Lilly On-Ling on my side, but emotionally on the inside
it's been harder. I haven't shown it, but I haven't been
much for socializing as normally would be.

I wanted to make this summer special. With Lilly On-Ling
just turning one this year, I was hoping to take my family
to Abbott's in Colon, MI this year. So Lilly On-Ling
can see her grandfather in the limelight and see why he is such a
special man to soo many. Why he is so inspirational and a
superstar in his own right. I wanted her to see people flock
to him as if he was one of today's celebrities. Well,
to many, he is a celebrity. If anything, he is even more
celebrated in the world than before. But this year is not
that year to go. Although I still wanted to go because it was
my birthday weekend, I am finding it emotionally too difficult.

Not having my father with us, is felt. Not just a home but
all over. I know how much he and my mom is loved by so many.

But I digress, I know he wouldn't want me to get this way.
So instead, let's get happy and Celebrate! Watermelon Day!


Everyone should eat watermelon today
and celebrate with me.
For its Watermelon Day!

I only eat watermelon once a year and its only on Watermelon Day.
(every August 9th).

The story for my new friends ...

What is Watermelon Day?!?!?!?!Collapse )

Why does my family celebrate Watermelon Day?!?!?!?!Collapse )

Now its even important more to me more than ever Collapse )

I know its silly.
Silliness makes the world go 'round.

just don't forget to...
eat watermelon!

and celebrate with me.

Welcome the newest member of our kitchen family...sister to our Kuerig... Vitamix from the Culinary Institue of America.


An early birthday present to ourselves. Something We've wanted for a while. So I can make my green juices and Eric can make peanut butter. $180 used only THREE times!! Bought it from a retired couple in Westchester. They were so happy that it was going to a good home that would appreciate it. And we have already!!! First smoothie with banana, strawberry, ice and chocolate soy = yUm PLUS a wonderful husband willing to drive me down there to pick it up. Next to find the ultimate loft LG 10 cu ft fridge I'm wanting and I'll be contented.

Need to go to the store and get some Kale and parsley so I can make an awesome green drink that doesn't separate, foam or is chewy now. I think my diet is going to change and evolve more than ever. I've always eaten healthy all my life. However, I've been prepping since October 2013 by doing the vegetarian daily and although I do slip in meat ever so often on the week (I just adjust) I think I'm going to end up doing more of a raw 'til 4 diet. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going but I feel that with Vitamix I am going to change the way I make foods even more. I love eating salads and drinking lots of lemon water but I think not having to buy the simple things we can make in 60 secs and much fresher will be even better for us. Like dips and hummus, ice scream, sorbets, etc. Especially when I buy my fruit and veg reduced at certain places already. The creativity is endless. And it's something I've wanted for a long time and have been preparing to commit to a Vitamix for a while with other little blenders. Now I can get rid of my other blender, chopper and coffee grinder (although I may keep as a spice grinder or miller). . . OH yeah, We're so excited!

Lilly On-Ling at Twenty-Three Months!

Less than a month our little baby will be two years old.
As everyone has said, "Where has time gone?"
All I can think is, "Time flies by."

Lilly On-Ling is trying to be an independent
little girl. She has her own ways and will fight
to do it her "way." As long they are good habbits
and doesn't endanger herself or others it's fine.
She will wrestle you, and you will lose.
She is a little fighter that is strong and stubborn.

She is learning to say and add new words to her
volcabulary. Pretty much accomplished putting her
own shoes on. Working on dress herself on her own.
She is always trying to figure out putting socks on.
She's a quick learner.

She is also becoming quite the tiny dancer. I have
taught her some moves from my years of dancing.
She is very clever and will listen to the music
to feel the beat. It's quite amusing. When she is
up later, we do what call the midnight dance. We
put music on or a video and she will start to dance.
It's quite fun to watch.

And if you are curious she has put her potty on her
head and dance...just like I used to. In fact, she
does a lot of the same stuff I used to. Eric calls
her a mini me. But trust me, she still looks a lot
like both of us.

Early June came and we were getting ready for our
first family vacation slash work vacation. Last August
I was asked to be one of the presenters to lecture
at the Magic Collectors Association Weekend. It would
be held in Cincinnati, OH. As we were nearing the
day we planned to leave, I was working on my lecture.
I will write a seperate entry devoted to the MCA weekend.

As the time was nearing, we were packing and working to
get ready. I did a double on the Sunday so we could leave
early afternoon to get into Ohio by the evening. It's
about a 6 hour drive. This was our first getaway not just
as a couple but as a family. Eric and I never went on a
honeymoon and it was due time. We had dealt with so much
since before we got married and up until his grandfather's
memorial. We really needed that time to get away. In fact,
we deserved it. So I got home, did what ever last minute
packing and get reading to leave. We left at two and it
was a hot humid day. We already looked at the forecast
and it was going to be the same down there...as it seemed.

We drove straight out of Illinois. It costs us $3.00 to get
of out this silly state. We made one stop just north of Layfette
where a wind turbine farm is located. We were jumping out of
our seats knowing this excited. Then we had some dinner at
a subway in Greenburg, about an hour from the Ohio border.
We got into Blue Ash, Ohio and stayed at a Red Roof Inn.
We spent Sunday night through Wednesday morning there. We
were only 20 mins from downtown. It was a quaint area.
Very enjoyable.

Came home in time to watch the disappointing OT end to
the Blackhawks game.

We rested up and got up early and went to the Cincinnati
Zoo and Botanical Gardens for Monday. We arrived around 10a.
It was just as hot as when we left home. Quite humid.
But we enjoyed the walk around despite being a bit
difficult. It was beautiful. Lilly loved it. It was her
first Zoo. She saw a baby giraffe and camel. We saw soo
many interesting fun things and they also hat a lot
petting of different animals. It was just too much fun.
Especially feeding the goats and brushing them.

We left after about 3 hours and we decided to pick up
some goods a Kroger near by. It's the first time we
have ever shopped at a Kroger. It was pleasantly wonderful.
We see them on Extreme Couponing all the time.
Since our room had a fridge and microwave we can pick
up some snacks and such. So we did. I swear the deli
guy gave enough to sample on that it was like eating

After got back to our room, an hour later, it poured.

Tuesday we devoted our day to Newport, KY to spend
time at the Newport Aquarium. The Newport Levee is
an amazing place that has a lot of fun to offer.
It was still quite hot and humid but not as much
as Monday.

Lilly enjoyed herself greatly at the aquarium. There
was soo much to see and touch. A lot of tunnels to
go through. They were celebrating 15 years on the levee.
It was great. There many exhibits. There biggest was
the shark and shark ray exhibit. But there were plenty
of other exhibits that were just as fun. Turtle Canyon,
the Frog exhibit, Alligator Alley, the Penguins and our
favorite was the Jellyfish exhibit. So calming and
beautiful. We exited out through the top of the shark
tank where you can look through a scope below.
It was quite neat.

We left and we stopped at a candy store, then spent
some time at B&N overlooking the water above. Then we
stopped for a snack at Tom & Chee aka Tomato and Cheese.
I recognized the place from being on Shark Tank a couple
of years ago. They guy started it in a kiosk on the
Levee and opened a store. They specialty is Grilled
Cheese Glazed Donut. It was yum. We walked around
the mall spent sometime at Gameworks and saw where
Wizardz Theater is. And the great thing about the Levee
is the underground parking. It was only $2!!!

We left and we stopped by the Magic Shop. Owned by
Artie Kidwell. Such a good man and friend and an
avid admirer of my parents. He was so shocked that
I took the time to stop by. It was indeed a highlight
as we ended up getting near the reason why we were
heading to Covington, KY. Afterwards we headed to
Kroger again to pick up some yums and then back
to our room. Where again, an hour later it began to storm.

We started to gather out stuff that night and I woke
up the next morning putting stuff in the car. We planned
on checking out fairly early. My friend Kathy reminded me
of Jungle Jim's. The largest grocery store in the nation.
We went to the location in Eastgate which is the newer
location. It was a lot of fun being there. Lots to see.
It was pouring like an SOB you wouldn't believe. Not like
the storms we have had lately but still it was like
driving through a waterfall. We spent a bit of time
there before heading to Covington where we had lunch
at Skyline Chili and then we called the Marriott about
checking in earlier. Which was perfect time. We were able
to check in at 2p and was able to get a room facing the
Ohio River.

This hotel was beautiful. It is connected to Convention Center.
From across the river you can see Paul Brown Stadium where
the Bengals play, the Banks, Great American Ballpark where the
Red play and US Bank stadium. There was a game every night
and we can watch it from the room on the Jumbotron. We saw
many barges and boats. Fireworks on Friday night. It was
a beautiful skyline. Just for being a corner room on the 3rd

We took a walk around the Covington area near the hotel and
enjoyed a few things nearby. By Wednesday night Thursday morning
people for the weekend started coming in. Lilly met many and
Eric met more people and everyone adored our little girl.

More on the MCA weekend again in a seperate entry.

We were quite busy during the gathering and it was just a delight.
I don't think going elsewhere would have topped off out vacation
as a family together for the first time so perfectly.

Lilly was delightful and she adapted well in new settings and
loved every moment of it. I feel we are giving her the best upbringing
possible. Almost like what I had with my parents.

We left Sunday morning after having brunch on the deck of the hotel
overlooking the river. Checked out around 11 and got on the road
soon after. The entire week didn't go by quickly, in fact we were
able to soak it in day by day. Lilly did great on the way home
and we arrived back around 4p.

We took our stuff out of the vehicle and went out to get some
goodies since we pretty much cleaned out the fridge before leaving.

It only took two full tanks to drive down there. Hybrids are awesome.

I had a day and half to unwind before starting up my concert schedule.
It was so wonderful.

I'll be finishing about the MCA weekend in a few days and will talk
about the 4 days of our trip before driving home.

Enjoy the photos of our trip and our little gooer who will be
turning two years old in less than month.

Now to start planning another trip for us to explore together with her.


On our first charter bus on the way to Salon de Magie in Loveland, OH

Met her first horse, a racing horse

Dancing in the lobby of the Marriott by the Quilt foundtain

Enjoying the King bed at the Marriott

At Jungle Jim's in one of the amusing retired rides

The big cheese with the cutest mouse of all

Lilly On-Ling at Twenty-Two Months!!

Our babbler is two months shy of two years old.
She is a boat load of fun every single day.

She is becoming more 'model' like. The photos
I chose this month reflect her fun personality
as well as her beauty. I'm not just saying that
because I'm her mommy. I'm saying that because
the photos are just amazing. Like this amazing
naturalness when you take a photo and she just
poses naturally without hesitation of who she
is. We are always in awe.

So scroll down and see them all. They are precious!

She loves being outside playing in her turtle sand
box, washing her rocks, getting them sandy then
talking to them. She loves her pool on these
recent hot days. Fascinated by the cause and
effect of objects, especially water. She is
not afraid to try something. Particularly when
we are at the playground. She figured out how
to do the rock climbing on the first try.
Loves the slide and the water park at Veteran's

She loves picking flowers. Even the weeds of
dandelions and grass. Loves to dance and do

She figures things out way too quickly. Like way
too quickly and the mystery is all over. She'd
be a good magician. She is also extremely observant.
She knows her Thomas and McQueen from far far away
distances. She found Red the Fire truck at the Goodwill
yesterday. Now that we have a train table for her,
she has plenty of room to play with her trains and
cars characters.

She is learning to put on her own pants, and loves
helping me dress her every morning. She pretty much
knows how to put her own clothes on, she just needs
a bit of help with some coordination. She knows how
to put her shoes on, particularly her hello kitty
boots. And she is already trying to get her socks on.

I don't know the normality for such a timeline for
a child getting dressed on their own, but she's been
doing a lot the "shirt work" since she was 3 months old.

Her vocabulary is growing and her understanding of what
these are expanding quickly.

As we prepare for our first vacation as a couple and family.
We are thinking about all the family fun we will have
while we are away. I'm anticipating a great time. We plan
to go to the zoo and the aquarium and have all sorts of
fun at the hotel. She'll be meeting my extended magic
family. And I know they will adore her as much as they
adored me when I was a tot.

The drive is long but I think the way we are planning it
will be great fun. We want to give her a wonderful upbringing
and experience of what Eric and I both had when we
traveled with my parents and his grandparents. There's
so much in the world to see, and this upcoming event
I've been honored to lecture at will be a great starting
point. We've known about this since last August. Although
we have gone through a lot of stuff this past year, a much
needed vacation is in our books. It may be a bit expensive,
but we've been working hard.

Eric and I never had a honeymoon, babymoon or a vacation together
in general. So this will be our first honeymoon, babymoon and
family vacation that has been in the making for six years.

I can't wait to share the photos with everyone!

2014-05-15 09.43.01

2014-05-18 09.37.48

2014-05-17 16.53

2014-05-07 11.58

2014-05-05 18.34.46


Lilly On-Ling at Twenty-One Months!!

I'm a bit late one this.
So much goings on, so I apologize for that.
On the 23rd Lilly On-Ling turned 21 months.
T-minus 3 month until she is TWO YEARS OLD!

Since the weather finally warmed up a bit,
she has enjoyed playing outside. She loves it
so much, she doesn't want to go in. She keeps
herself busy playing with a sand table I built
for her. Walking to what was once the pond to
pick up rocks and wash them in her mini-wheelbarrel.

She loves to pick flowers and see the wild life.
The birds have been visiting our yard frequently.
It's nice to see our Certified Bird Habitat back
up and running, to the way it was when my mom was around.

Her new obsession is putting her shoes on.
We bought her a pair of Hello Kitty rain boots,
and she will spend many hours practising putting them
and taking them off. It's really cute.

She also helps me dress her.

She has mastered helping me her tops since she was 3 months old.
Now she helps me to put her pants and shorts on.
Just trying to teach her to pull her pants up.

I know with her it will click, and once that it does,
we can potty train her really quick. She is very aware
of her body and has indicated when she is or has gone.

Lilly also got her bangs trimmed last month. So now everyone can
see her face better instead of her hair.

She babels a lot and forming words. Learning so much.
She plays with the pre-school 3+ age apps and figures
things out so quickly. And her attention span is amazing.

Something will click and all of a sudden she'll be this prodigy.

My budding little Amadeus.



Mai-Ling :: Pioneering Alternative-Classical Pianist

Frances Mai-Ling is pioneering the genre of Alternative-Classical music; taking classical piano to new level giving it a fresh sound of the traditional and the current trend of rock, pop, alternative. Creating a new genre that is powerful, for people of all ages can enjoy. Since 2001, she has taken her creation of Alternative-Classical merging the sparkling qualities of classical music with the emotional melodic style of many generes, all within an intimate setting of Mai-Ling and her music. She got her first start in show business with her parents magic show , but chosed music over magic. Mai-Ling is a trained classical pianist, with only having two years of piano lessons under her belt. Performing a program of original music. Mai-Ling is co-founder of EastWestNow Records. The first record label & collective that promotes artists of Asian Ethnicity. Focusing on artists who are half-Asian. Mai-Ling is HAPAnese (a term she coined being 1/2 Chinese & 1/2 Polish). She is also one-third of "The Shake n' Poe Project", where she write music to the text of Shakespeare. Founder of the creative artists group "Notes & Poets: Bringing the Creative Artist to the Stage." She has scored music for theatre and film, along with a various amount of side projects to her credit. Besides being a published composer, she is also a published writer and visual artist. Mai-Ling is an independent artist.

In addition to her creative arts efforts, Mai-Ling works with the American Heart Association and its division the American Stroke Assocition. As an Go Red For Women ambassador and American Stroke Association ambassador. Mai-Ling formed the "Take Heart Awareness Cause" in 2005 to help bring her personal crusade of helping create more awareness of heart disease and stroke to the public forefront.. She has been recognized regionally and nationally with the "Heart & Stroke" Hero Award for her "outstanding efforts to create a healthier community, safe from the devastation of heart disease and stroke." She help's create awareness of the #1 and #3 killers among men and women in the United States. A portion of every CD she sells includes information and a portion is donated to the AHA for research and eduction programs. One of the first pioneers in merchandising her CDs for a specific cause.

She is currently working on a new release for the winter, a book project for next summer, and continuing her line of hand painted purses and jackets.

For more information about Mai-Ling please download her complete 40 page press kit at her website.



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