ms. mai-ling (mai_ling) wrote,
ms. mai-ling

New Additions here and there

Here's why I haven't been journaling lately.
Even though I'm on vacation until February with performances,
I have a lot going on behind the scenes.

Here's some of the things I've been busy doing:

...drum roll...

1. New Video Posted
I finally figured out that multi-tabbed browsers are unstable when upload heavy files.
IE is much better...I don't know why it is, never had so much issue uploading video until now.

Bozo, Barbies, Rifles and Doll Houses
Part two of the first Bozo footage I uploaded long ago.
View here
or here:

You can read the backstory here:

2. Re-designed website
View here.
added the information about the Annual Report...will post a separate entry on that later.
Just re-organized everything and stuff, to make it more easier to navigate.
Had to change the colours.

3. Boutique
Separate place so I can change monthly gift items around.
If you have any ideas of what'd you like to see that you can't get at
CDbaby or aware, email me.
View here.
I'll also be combining some Magic items with the Music sctuff too.

4. I like my hat.

...and I don't look like Yoko Ono...geez.

5. Shakespeare's Seasons EP
I'm working hard on a new EP, based on the seasons of his sonnets.
if that makes sense. I've been working on the music to the text. These
will be brand new written songs...fresh as of this year. I have about
7 to work with...
I'm thinking about in-addition to the songs, to record the spoken word
version as well.
Tell me what you think of that idea?

6. The Raue Sessions CD
I've chosen the mastering engineer, its just making time to get together with him.
This should have been released 3 years ago, but sometimes you need to find
certain people who have a better idea of what your vision is. In this case further
mastering of the sound. Anyway, his piano wants to meet i told him to
have a party.

7. I met the duck
That's Puck the Duck, last night.


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