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Dear Mom

Ten years ago we spent our last Mother’s Day together before you left this Earth three weeks later.

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to be with those who left before him

When I reminisced about my father on his 6th Anniversary of his passing last Wednesday, I didn’t expect the passing of two of his oldest friends to follow. I was doing well news trickled down that Marshall Brodien passed Friday then Johnny Thompson Saturday. It was a hard to accept that they had left this world to be with their mentors and friends. 

Yesterday we said farewell to Marshall. It was a gathering of many magicians paying their respects to him and his family. I stayed for the Funeral Mass but I couldn’t stay for the luncheon and share memories. But my memories of Marshall would take up too much time. I was way too emotional as it was. 

Marshall's Memorial
Marshall's Memorial

Last time I saw Marshall it was at his daughter’s funeral a few years ago. I came as a family friend not as a magician's daughter because my father and Marshall known each other their entire life. 

I read through my friends posts about how Marshall helped them get their start in Magic but the story of Marshall and my dad was not like that. It was the other way around.

Marshall may have inspired many of the new and current generations of magic but who inspired him?

Marshall loved my dad. Their friendship had a new meaning about 20 years ago. He said his three favorite magicians and his heroes were : Jay Marshall, Jack Gwynne and DeYip Loo, my dad. Those three men meant the world to him.

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Inconsistency of Life

It will be 6 years since the passing of my father at 3:30pm.

I remember we were at home, doing something with the living room, before getting ready to leave for Pepper Home. 

Then the phone rang and the nurse said, "Your dad just passed away." 

I stood there silent, not shocked, just silent. 

It was a chilly day, like today, snow on the ground. We left soon after the call and spent the rest of the afternoon with him until the undertaker came and we marched down the hall with him in the quilt for those who left and the singing bowl in his honor. We had 13 extra days of goodbye's. 

When my husband said Luke Perry had a massive stroke, I knew the exact thing he was talking about. Not many are fortunate to come out of a massive stroke. My dad was lucky. 

I still believe he cheated Death.

And although 15 years later, it caught up to with him, first with a massive heart attack then another massive stroke leaving him in a catatonic state. He did live a very adventurous life.

He spent over 60 years in this county and doing many firsts. He was a paper son.
He came over as a Chin. He was handsome, had a flare about him. Also a temper.

The Chins in 1937 : Dad, Gan Fu, Great Grandpa Chin, Great Uncle Chin
The Chins in 1937 : Dad, Gan Fu, Great Grandpa Chin, Great Uncle Chin

I don't have to tell you his entire history, it's searchable to a point until my book is done. But he did lead a remarkable life.

If you ever had a chance to meet him before his stroke, you know what an extraordinary man he was. If  you met him after his stroke, you know he was that extraordinary man he still was. 

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Happy Paczki Day!

Happy Paczki Day!

(happy fat tuesday too)

Don't forget some of these...

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I've already been eating my fill, Just too good not too.

Coloring My World Purple


I decided to dye my hair purple to help raise awareness on a very rare condition called Multiple System Atrophy or MSA. 

March is MSA Awareness Month.

It's so rare that only 4 in 100,000 people are diagnosed with it!

It's also so rare that when you type in MSA or Multiple System Atrophy in google,it doesn't have a sidebar of what the condition is to describe it.

My husband was diagnosed with MSA in September 2017. After 8 years of trying to understand why he had these sporadic and unusual symptoms his cardiologist sat with us asked what his neurological conditions were. We had already knew what his Autonomic dysfunction was. When he put them all in a list he said "I think you have Shy Drager." I asked, "Is that related to Pure Autonomic Failure" and he said "Yes." and continued on to say that his neurologist would have to confirm it. I messaged his neurologist who was the most compassionate and understanding neuro that my husband has seen talked about it and said it's also known as MSA. He wanted to have him have a PET scan nuclear but unfortunately  the insurance denied it because it is a controversial way to diagnose someone with Dementia. Dementia? What? OK lets back up.

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To Be Honest

Today marks my father’s 93rd birthday.

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Today marks the birth of my mom. She would have been 78 today. For many years my mom had her birthday parties on Halloween. Until my Granny Franny said to her, her birthday was not on Halloween. Despite the disappointment of having such a unique day to be born, it didn't stop her love for one of her favorite "holidays" long before she married my father, a magician. 

She died of organ involved SLE (Lupus). When she was toddler she had Scarlet Fever. Which caused future issues for her. Allergy to the sun, inflammatory arthritis, migraines, eczema, heart murmur. But she was able to keep her symptoms under control for many years even though some of her issues after a severe ankle sprain brought some on. Until 10 years ago when some things started creeping up. 

By 6 months later, she had CHF, Liver and Kidney failure. Although heart disease runs in her family, it wasn't familial from what we could tell...because her lab work showed otherwise when she was hospitalized. 

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Happy Paczki Day!
(happy fat tuesday too)

Don't forget some of these...

tag: http://pics.livejournal.com/mai_ling/pic/000acf39/g6

I've already been eating my fill, Just too good not too.

December the First

december 1st = day without art

december 1st = world aids day

means you are allowed to be naked for a day.

december 2nd you put your clothes back on.

in memory of chuck


Deep in this wilderness
I’m lost to my own
I’ve been running with the lions
I’ve been rising with the moon
I’ve been singing hallelujah
With all of my might
‘Cause it’s these questions that keep us
Burning through the night

Mai-Ling :: Pioneering Alternative-Classical Pianist

Frances Mai-Ling is pioneering the genre of Alternative-Classical music; taking classical piano to new level giving it a fresh sound of the traditional and the current trend of rock, pop, alternative. Creating a new genre that is powerful, for people of all ages can enjoy. Since 2001, she has taken her creation of Alternative-Classical merging the sparkling qualities of classical music with the emotional melodic style of many generes, all within an intimate setting of Mai-Ling and her music. She got her first start in show business with her parents magic show , but chosed music over magic. Mai-Ling is a trained classical pianist, with only having two years of piano lessons under her belt. Performing a program of original music. Mai-Ling is co-founder of EastWestNow Records. The first record label & collective that promotes artists of Asian Ethnicity. Focusing on artists who are half-Asian. Mai-Ling is HAPAnese (a term she coined being 1/2 Chinese & 1/2 Polish). She is also one-third of "The Shake n' Poe Project", where she write music to the text of Shakespeare. Founder of the creative artists group "Notes & Poets: Bringing the Creative Artist to the Stage." She has scored music for theatre and film, along with a various amount of side projects to her credit. Besides being a published composer, she is also a published writer and visual artist. Mai-Ling is an independent artist.

In addition to her creative arts efforts, Mai-Ling works with the American Heart Association and its division the American Stroke Assocition. As an Go Red For Women ambassador and American Stroke Association ambassador. Mai-Ling formed the "Take Heart Awareness Cause" in 2005 to help bring her personal crusade of helping create more awareness of heart disease and stroke to the public forefront.. She has been recognized regionally and nationally with the "Heart & Stroke" Hero Award for her "outstanding efforts to create a healthier community, safe from the devastation of heart disease and stroke." She help's create awareness of the #1 and #3 killers among men and women in the United States. A portion of every CD she sells includes information and a portion is donated to the AHA for research and eduction programs. One of the first pioneers in merchandising her CDs for a specific cause.

She is currently working on a new release for the winter, a book project for next summer, and continuing her line of hand painted purses and jackets.

For more information about Mai-Ling please download her complete 40 page press kit at her website.



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