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Dad featured in Midwest Outdoors Magazine

Some of our magic friends of ours get together every few weeks.
Its like a religious gathering where they meet for good food and chat.
One of those evenings, one of the gentleman brought a friend along.
He happened to be a fishing historian and collector of lures.
In the course of conversation, two of the magicians brought up my
father's name. About how he was known for going on fishing trips
as well as, invet fishing lures/gear. This pearked the historian's curiousity
and was all ears. A couple of days later, I get an email from one of the
friends with the name and email of the historian. I emailed him back
ASAP. Turned out he is part of the same circle of fishing people as we
were. It was really comforting.

It also turned out that in his collection, he had acquired an obscure device
with no history to it. Even with good research, no one knew about it.
Until that night. And this historian was welcomed with so much with just
the connection of knowing of the same people.

Here's the story as told by our friend Jim Krzak:

I was having dinner with Lee Broski and Boz Bulovic. Boz told us about the fishing article on Louie.
We were both thrilled and surprised to hear about it. I guess the way that came about was when Boz
brought Dan Basore to our small group a few weeks ago for dinner. We were chatting about magic
and fishing. I mentioned that I was with you and your mom and dad for dinner a couple of weeks
ago and Lee and I started talking about how Looie liked to fish and Lee said that Looie invented lures.
Bill Pack, who is with us during the off season at Magic Masters, confirmed this. I guess that really peaked Dan's interest!

Bill emailed Dan's email to me and that is how we got started talking.
It was serindipitious because that was the week that LL Bean opened
in S. Barrington.
LINK: http://www.livejournal.com/users/mai_ling/370394.html

We planned to go, and so did he and it worked out fantastic.

Through emails and talking to my p's and more email and finding stuff,
this article written for Midwest Outdoor's was born. We are so fortunate
that dad is getting recognized again in the sportsman world. A future
article is slated for a national publication for next year. We can't wait
for that too.

It's quite interesting that you can learn a lot about one person through
many articles, and touch on one thing, and yet there's another world
to explore on that subject alone. Everyone knew about dad and his
fishing, but not many knew about his involvement as a sportsman
and his inventions. Now people will know.

I finally got my copy last Tuesday when Eric found a copy at the
Target in Mundelien. And I thought it was a regular magazine,
but its really a newspaper type of magazine. So the article
is long because its a long newspaper format. Lots of words...

Its in the first section of the magazine...

Midwest Outdoors is published out of Burr Ridge, IL.
It is published for the regional states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky,
Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

LINK: http://midwestoutdoors.com/

It is available at many stores ( even Walgreen's and Targets)
Call (800) 606-FISH (3474)


Mai-Ling :: Pioneering Alternative-Classical Pianist

Frances Mai-Ling is pioneering the genre of Alternative-Classical music; taking classical piano to new level giving it a fresh sound of the traditional and the current trend of rock, pop, alternative. Creating a new genre that is powerful, for people of all ages can enjoy. Since 2001, she has taken her creation of Alternative-Classical merging the sparkling qualities of classical music with the emotional melodic style of many generes, all within an intimate setting of Mai-Ling and her music. She got her first start in show business with her parents magic show , but chosed music over magic. Mai-Ling is a trained classical pianist, with only having two years of piano lessons under her belt. Performing a program of original music. Mai-Ling is co-founder of EastWestNow Records. The first record label & collective that promotes artists of Asian Ethnicity. Focusing on artists who are half-Asian. Mai-Ling is HAPAnese (a term she coined being 1/2 Chinese & 1/2 Polish). She is also one-third of "The Shake n' Poe Project", where she write music to the text of Shakespeare. Founder of the creative artists group "Notes & Poets: Bringing the Creative Artist to the Stage." She has scored music for theatre and film, along with a various amount of side projects to her credit. Besides being a published composer, she is also a published writer and visual artist. Mai-Ling is an independent artist.

In addition to her creative arts efforts, Mai-Ling works with the American Heart Association and its division the American Stroke Assocition. As an Go Red For Women ambassador and American Stroke Association ambassador. Mai-Ling formed the "Take Heart Awareness Cause" in 2005 to help bring her personal crusade of helping create more awareness of heart disease and stroke to the public forefront.. She has been recognized regionally and nationally with the "Heart & Stroke" Hero Award for her "outstanding efforts to create a healthier community, safe from the devastation of heart disease and stroke." She help's create awareness of the #1 and #3 killers among men and women in the United States. A portion of every CD she sells includes information and a portion is donated to the AHA for research and eduction programs. One of the first pioneers in merchandising her CDs for a specific cause.

She is currently working on a new release for the winter, a book project for next summer, and continuing her line of hand painted purses and jackets.

For more information about Mai-Ling please download her complete 40 page press kit at her website.

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