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Blackstone, Sr. "Rabbit Newspaper" thingy


Due to the changes at the Genii Forum, I decided that certain
places I posted a long reply would be referred to my journal.

This is one of them.

I talked to dad about this and he told me the
entire routine. I should record it and stream
for those to hear. His enthusiam is amazing.
Its hard to write it down because he's very
excitable when it dictating it, and he talks
so fast....

Here is it, if I miss something I think you'll
get the gist of it.

"Blackstone would go into the audience to borrow a watch, once he would find one he would drag the guy up on the stage. Blackstone would then take out of his pocket an envelope and put the watch in it. He would then tell the guy to squat on stage, Blackston would then do a fake while saying' "1..2..3!" and toss the envelop quickly over his head to his assistant (let's say its George). Blackstone would tell the guy to grab his wrists, since people think everything goes up the sleeves, and then have him search him. The guy would find anything and Blackstone would say "This is went waaaay over your head! Laugh laugh haha.

George would then bring out a nest of boxes, where Blackstone would proceed to take each box out up until the smallest one and in there would be a rabbit and a ribbon around its neck with the volunteer's watch. Blackstone would undo the ribbon and give the watch back to the guy.

Then Blackstone would say "I'm going to give the rabbit to the first boy or girl who say's "I!"Well all the kids say "I!" and then he proceeds to ask "Who said "I!" last?? Few kids would say "I!"

The house lights would then go up and Blackstone with rabbit in hand would go out on stage and picks a boy or a girl from the audience to come up on stage.

Blackstone say's, "We needs to find out if the rabbit is a boy or a girl so we can name it.

Blackstone would proceed to pet the rabbit ears going down. He would say if the rabbits pop up then its a boy rabbit, if not its a girl. Its always a boy rabbit because its easier to call him Peter Rabbit. Blackstone would stroke under the rabbit's jaw and immediate the ears pop up. That's how it was always a boy rabbit.

He would then explain to the kid that you should never pull the rabbit by the ears because it would cause the blood vessels to break and the rabbit would die.

SIDE NOTE: One time Blackstone got a black kid to assist him and he asked him if he gave him the rabbit what would he do with it, and the kid responded "I would eat him." and the Crowd responded in "oooooh."

Well Anyway...

Blackstone would next say we are going to wrap the rabbit up and a girl assistant would come on to the stage with a tray and newspaper. The girl would open the tray and Blackstone would put the rabbit in the tray. Then he picked up the newspaper and wrap the box of candy in it and he would open the newspaper up and read the advertisement of the candy which was the sponsor.

The rabbit turned into candy Then he would give the candy to the kid, because kids don't know how to take care of a rabbit, but they can at least eat the candy."

There you go. Hope that made sense.


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